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Green Guru Appliance Recycling


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If You Find Out That Your Old Appliance Will Simply be Thrown Away into the Landfill Than Why Not Choose to Donate It Instead?

Which Appliances make good donations?

Donate large Appliances. Donate an Oven or a Stove, Fridge, Freezer, Washing Machine or Dryer. It's essential that the Appliances you'd like to donate are in good condition. Please do not donate Appliances with lots of missing or broken parts or that are taken apart.

What will happen with my donated Appliance?

#1 When you donate an Appliance you help individual people or a family in need.

When you donate an Appliance, you know that you'll be helping the organization do a better job at helping the less fortunate.

When you donate an Appliance you create job opportunities for others.

Also think about where your Appliances are not going. They are not going to an overflowing landfill.

Donating used, functioning Appliances gives these valuable items a second life and is infinitely better for the planet.

We will resell the Appliances to people in greater need then yours. Also we will resell them at a greatly reduced cost.

 All together You'll be helping someone who needs it. You'll be creating jobs and doing something positive for the planet as well.

#8 Does the Appliance have to be in working condition?

We plan to recycle or resell your donated Appliances to raise money for the workers that do all the recycling / repairs and then sell it to an individual or family in need. However, if possible, we would like that the machines are in good working order and all parts are there.
To donate Appliances please call ☎ 916-532-1033 or fill out the Contact Form below :
                                               THERE IS NO QUANTITY LIMITS IN DONATING OF APPLIANCES


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